Mixed Curling Championships

2017 Canadian Mixed Curling Championships
in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
November 14 - 19, 2016.

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Come Volunteer!    APPLICATION FORM

Interested in volunteering for the 2017 Canadian Mixed Curling Championships in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia during the week of November 14 - 19, 2016. Set up and tear down, ice maintenance and some other roles will require time prior to and after those dates.

Volunteer Roles

Scorekeeper, Stats & Timers: Volunteers will assist with statistics and timing involved in draws. Training will be provided.

Security: Security volunteers will be responsible for printing, distribution and control of accreditation badges. Security will monitor access points as assigned. Position may require long standing hours.

Ushering/Ticket Takers: Volunteers will scan tickets and assist the public in finding their seats. Standing is involved.

Setup/Tear Down: This position will begin several days prior to opening draw. Some heavy lifting is required.

Ice Maintenance: Responsibilities will include ice preparation and maintenance of curling ice. This position will begin several days prior to opening draw and continue throughout the event.

Marketing: Volunteers will assist in making sure all marketing materials are in the community. You may be assist the media covering the event and fulfilling communication and hardware requirements needed throughout the event and will help with communications technology . Some work is pre-event.

Transportation: Volunteers will assist in transportation needs of VIP guests and special events. They will also be responsible for driving vehicles provided by the event sponsor. Volunteers must provide driving abstracts and work shifts.

Information Desks: Volunteers will provide information regarding the event, tourist attractions and other applicable event information.

Athlete Services: Volunteers will act as hosts for the teams, making sure they have everything they need. Will coordinate food and beverage services for teams along with any other activities they would like to participate in.

Sponsorship: Volunteers will be responsible for assisting in the sales of sponsorship, pre-event. They will also be responsible to ensure all sponsors receive the benefits they paid for.

Ceremonies/Banquets: Volunteers will assist the director in planning and preparations involved in all event ceremonies, opening reception and closing awards banquet.

General Help/Runner: You will be available to fill in where needed or complete tasks outside of the venue.

Food Prep: If you are interested in preparing food for volunteers and athletes this is for you.

50/50: Volunteers are required to sell and promote 50/50 tickets.

Medical Services: Volunteers will assist with medical services required by the athletes.


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