Afternoon Curling
The afternoon curlers wind up luncheon will be at the Windless Restaurant on Wednesday, March 30th. We will start curling at 10 AM that day followed immediately after by the luncheon.

Afternoon Curling

         The afternoon curlers meet every Monday and Wednesday at 1PM for two hours of recreational curling. Teams are selected from whoever is there and they try to have everyone playing in the position they wish and rotate players so that they get to play different folks each day. 

      This is a great way to relieve stress and get some exercise!!

       For anyone wishing to learn to curl there are some very experienced curlers among the group who would be happy to help get you started.

       The “Stick Delivery” method is great for anyone with knee, back or other problems as you don’t have to bend to deliver the stone. Once again we have some good stick players willing to assist with that also.

       Through out the curling year the afternoon curlers exchange visits to Digby, Clare, and Barrington for some more great fellowship and friendly competition followed by lunch provided by the host club.

         For more information Call Lynn at the Yarmouth Curling Club. 


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