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League Format for 2019/2020 Season


a). Teams will play the regular season playing a round robin format. The regular season will run until the minimum number of weeks are left to complete the playoffs.


Teams will receive 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie.


b). After completion of the regular season, teams will be divided into divisions as follows for the play-off round: 

     Monday – A division: places 1-4, B division: places 5-8

     Tuesday – A division: places 1-4, B division: places 5-8

     Wednesday – ?

     Thursday – A division: places 1-4, B division: places 5-8


  Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday leagues will have an A & B single round robin playoff at the end of the year.


c). Games tied after regulation, remain a “Tie”, except in the playoff round, an extra end will be played.


d). If a team can not start at the designated time (unless previous arrangements have been made), they will:

     1). Lose 1 point for 1st end and last rock for next end.
     2). Forfeit game 15 minutes after the scheduled start time


e). Teams who do not show up for a scheduled game and do not contact the opposing team to notify them of the cancellation will forfeit the scheduled game.


f). The following are start times for the various leagues:
     Monday         – 7:00
     Tuesday        – 6:30
     Wednesday  –  6:30
     Thursday       – 7:30
     Friday            – 6:30    –    Fun Night




Teams are asked to be at the rink 10 minutes
prior to the start of the scheduled game




 g). Cancelling a Game – The cancelling team is to contact the opposing team and Nick Hilton at 740-4024


h). Making up Cancelled Games – It is the responsibility of the cancelling team to arrange for a make-up game. Call Nick Hilton at 740-4024 and get a time slot to re-schedule the game.


i). Commercial teams can have more than four players who can rotate in and out, and change positions at the end of any end.

Spare cannot play above the position of the person being replaced; i.e., a spare comes in for a mate, the spare can play any position but skip.


Tie Breakers (to determine standings):


1.      Competition points from games between tied teams.

2.      Team with the most wins

3.      Coin Toss, except in playoffs where a 4 end playoff will be used to determine the league winner.
***In the playoffs only, team with the higher standing in regular season will have higher placement (replaces #3)


stone   IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, CONTACT NICK HILTON at 740-4024   stone




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