Stick Curling Wednesdays 6:30pm. Running stick curling rules but slide curlers are encouraged to join to increase play time and amount of teams. People will be there to teach the two man game strategy and also the stick delivery if necessary. For more info contact Dave 742-0218

Stick Curling Rules

April 1, 2011



Rules Justification
1. Each team is comprised of two Curlers. With no sweeping or brushing between hog lines, a four-member team would often have two people inactive. This way, everyone is always occupied, either delivering or skipping. Teams are easier to form and coordinate.
2. One member of each team stays at each end of the rink, and must not cross center ice (except as provided for in Rule 9). This reduces movement up and down the ice, and increases the pace of the game. It also means responsibilities are equally shared by the two team members, and provides variety for each player.
3. Sweeping/brushing is allowed by the delivering team only from the hog line to the back line or by the opposition team from the tee line to the back line at the playing end. This provides fairness to those unable to sweep/brush. It also increases the challenge, not having the advantage of sweeping/brushing to affect either line or weight in the initial travel of the stone.
4. Each stone must be delivered with a curling / delivery stick, from a standing or sitting (in a wheelchair) position. The stone must be released before the stone reaches the hog line. This provides equity for those physically unable to attain the sliding position. Skill is still required to attain alignment (the stone is further in front, but also much below the line of sight), and weight. It’s also advantageous for newcomers to curling, since the complex technique of the slide delivery doesn’t exist; yet the substantial mental aspects of the game are retained.
5. Except for wheelchair curlers, each delivery must begin with the right foot in the left hack, for right-handed curlers, or with the left foot in the right hack, for left-handed curlers. All stones must be released before reaching the hog line, and with some part of the stone within 2 feet of the center line. Since drastically changing the course of a stone prior to release is possible with a stick, this was prevents releasing stones from near the sides of the sheet.
6. The two delivering Curlers alternately deliver six stones each per end, while their teammates skip that end. Then roles are reversed. Each player is always occupied, doing something interesting. 18 stones are delivered per person each game, compared to 16 (8 ends) or 20 (10 ends) in regular curling.
7. The first three stones delivered in an end may not be removed from play before delivery of the fourth stone of that end. If that happens, the delivered stone is removed from play and all other stones are returned to their original position. With fewer stones used, and fewer ends, the stick game tends to be more defensive than the regular game. This rule makes the game offensive, thus more interesting for competitors and fans. The “in play area” is the area from the hog line to the back line.
8. Each team may call a maximum of two one minute time outs (and meet at center ice) during a game. During an extra end, one additional time out is allowed. Each a time out is called, the opposing team may consult near center ice at the same time. This allows for team member consultation during a game.
9. All games are six ends. In case of a tie, an extra end is played, with each player delivering 3 stones (skips and deliverers exchange roles at the midpoint of an extra end without moving the delivered stones). In the event the extra end is a blank, another end is played using the extra end format.
10. Other rules and etiquette of regular curling apply. The good parts of the regular game are retained!


It is not a rule but participants should be advised that one hour is sufficient to play the game. In addition it should be confirmed whether the allocated time of one hour will include the time taken for time outs.





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